Danni Siminerio is a theatrical portrait photographer based in New York City, who defines her work with dramatic lighting and controlled color palettes. She is driven by the precise control of detail that the digital studio provides, harnessing light to create highly stylized productions. Her subjects are performers—She is drawn to the avant-garde and pulls inspiration from the expressive nature of dancers, actors, and drag artists. She is passionate about presenting her thoughts and offers insight to her experiences through behind the scenes videos, retouching tutorials, and narrations on her creative process.

She recently pushed the boundaries of her work beyond the still image with a stop motion animation short film entitled “PARADYSI,” where she utilizes her signature color-centric and fantastical style to emphasize themes of memory, loss, and obsession through animated photographs.

Danni graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in Photography and minoring in English & Creative Writing.